The Rebel Girls

My great-grandmother Margherita, called Desi, was born in 1905, in Cannero Riviera and her mother, Eugenia called Genia, was born in the 1885 in Trarego. From there the whole story of our family starts. A family of strong, courageous, rebellious women. In an Italy that wants perfect mothers, angels of the hearth, in support of the family and their husbands.

The grandmother Genia was a good and humble woman: a loving mother, a sweet and deaf grandmother. Really deaf: when she met someone on the street, strictly accompanied by her nieces Enrica and Fernanda, she never felt well what the person said to her, beyond the pleasantries. But he was kind and nodded with conviction. As soon as she was alone again with her niece on duty, she exclaimed: "understood: nothing!".

The Desi had ice-blue eyes and an all too determined character. Accustomed to stand up to a father of Swiss origin, orphaned as a child. And stubborn when, despite his mother disagreed, he married Alberto, a fine Emilian, a soccer player in Brescia. His life will be a roller coaster where dad and husband will put his nerves to the test.

During the Second World War, the whole family took refuge in Trarego. In particular in a small house in Cheglio, in via per Cannero. As a neighbor, Carolina. A good and welcoming woman who always has a fireplace and a little soup for everyone. In turn, she has a shifty husband, who works on board ships and has little to do with home and family.

This is how Desi and Carolina began to consider becoming rebel girls. The long chats in front of the fire, the doors always open towards the courtyard, to reach each other within reach: "Desiiiiii!" - "Carolinaaaaa!". The pro-divorce leaflets in a bigoted Italy. The children, children and grandchildren, who took turns in the summer. And the girls, inspired to be rebellious girls too. To create a more modern, more just society, with greater consideration for girls of any age.

This house has an ancient heart and is completely new. It is our homage to those rebellious girls: Desi and Carolina but also Enrica and Verbena. Girls who did not let someone else write their destiny: they did it themselves.

It is with this spirit that we want a stay in our cottage to be relaxing for the body and inspiration for the mind. Let it be a small, protected and silent place to enjoy the panorama of the lake, take advantage of the coolness of the mountain breeze and let the current of thoughts blow, bringing good changes for when our guests return home.